About marinso software


Welcome at marinso software!

As a small "one man" company from Germany  I am developing useful applications and little helpers in my free time you can't get anywhere else.

Helpful for any buyer of a new or used computer monitor:

MonitorTest supports you in adjusting your CRT or TFT monitor in the best possible way and checking its quality.

Additionally video professionals are now able to adjust their video monitors, too!

If you are a developer of software for measuring instruments, my special REALbasic plug-in for Windows and Macintosh may be useful for you. It allows using National Instruments GPIB interfaces from within REALbasic.




New Site-Design


MonitorTest Bugfix-Release for Leopard (Version 3.0.2)


Finally available:

MonitorTest v.3.0

now runs native as universal binary on INTEL Macs and offers new functions especially for video professionals!